About Us

thorns and berriesHi there! Thank you for visiting us here at Thorns and Berries: a blog about growing, cooking, and eating great food!

Our family moved to our current location in a small Iowa town about ten years ago.  While we’ve always loved to cook and eat, living on some of the most fertile farm land in the world immediately inspired us to start buying more locally produced foods.  We started buying fresh eggs from the folks just down the road, milk from a local dairy, and ooooh yes, tons and tons of AMAZING local sweet corn!  From there we began experimenting with growing, producing, and consuming as much of our own food as possible!


mac in hostaI’m Tina and I’m the primary author, photographer, and cook for Thorns and Berries.  I love Harry Potter, dogs AND cats, sunflowers, tarragon, and red wine.


SallyMy husband, Curtis, is the technology genius behind the site.  Curt is an avid runner and soccer player (I KNOW, right?).  He also likes statistics, roasted peppers, and India Pale Ale.

Despite dividing our responsibilities for publishing the site, we do most of our gardening, beekeeping, cooking, and eating together!


Cat on BoyWe are the parents of two wonderful (yes, really) young adults.  Our son is a student at Iowa State University, and our daughter will be following him next year.  Go Cyclones!  Despite their busy lives, they both continue to assist us with our blog through their faithful willingness to critique the recipes.


basil in systemUnder Gardening, we share what we’ve learned about planning, creating, maintaining, and harvesting a successful organic garden.  We also include posts about our indoor aquaponics system, and our worm (poo) factory!


Happy BeeIn our Beekeeping section, we post updates on our adventures in learning to keep bees and harvest honey.  We also include useful tips and links for those interested in starting their own backyard hives.  Do it!  The world needs more bees!


Big dog in a small kitchenUnder Recipes, we give you instructions for creating great meals using what we grow and produce ourselves, as well as ingredients that we buy locally.  We hope these posts will inspire you to do the same.  Farm to table: that’s what fresh is all about!