Chickens in Charge

Chickens in ChargeWell, it’s winter all right, and this year has definitely been all that we expected: there has been paralyzing cold, plenty of snow, some minor wind damage, and an abundance of overall misery. For sure both the people and the other animals on our little homestead have had plenty to be concerned about. The zipper in my favorite coat broke a few days ago, one of the bee hives became completely buried in snow, poor little Skye can barely make it up the icy steps, and the chickens will NOT walk in the snow.

In retrospect, we’ve seen that it probably would have been beneficial to wrap the entire chicken run in plastic sheeting. Of course, this would have created plenty of challenges too, especially with the nasty winds we’ve been having. So basically I’m not sure we can win either way… [click to continue…]

First Eggs!

First EggsThe chickens are approaching about 20 weeks of age now. They are fully feathered and have been developing big red combs and wattles for a couple of weeks now.

They’ve become extremely vocal too! What first started out as sweet chirping soon became funny little clucks, and then quickly progressed to full on squawking. The second they run out of food, you know it, believe me. [click to continue…]

Chicken Run!

Chicken Coop and Run Well, our chickens are now 8 weeks old, and we’ve finally found the time to construct a coop and run.  We were able to move them outside last week and so far, so good!

We constructed the coop from recycled lumber and plywood, some of which was already painted red.  We plan to paint the rest of the coop soon, just to protect the wood from the elements and prevent warping.

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chicksWell, last weekend we drove over to our local farm store, Orschelns, and got talked into taking home some new friends.  Yikes!

The truth is that we’ve been wanting to raise chickens for a long time, but we’ve just never been really ready to make that final leap.  Luckily, we ran into our local sheriff (and chicken lover), Marty, who persuaded us to “just go take a look” at what are sure to be “great layers.”

In the end, we bought four Rhode Island Red pullets.  We left with our little box of chicks and various chicken provisions and arrived home in a panic.  Thank God for Google! [click to continue…]