First Eggs!

First EggsThe chickens are approaching about 20 weeks of age now. They are fully feathered and have been developing big red combs and wattles for a couple of weeks now.

They’ve become extremely vocal too! What first started out as sweet chirping soon became funny little clucks, and then quickly progressed to full on squawking. The second they run out of food, you know it, believe me.

First EggsOf course, we haven’t been monitoring them for physical changes all that much. Partly because we didn’t know we should! Look at this picture of Omelette from just two months ago. She didn’t have much of a comb at all!  Turns out their combs and wattles are a sign that they will start laying eggs soon – so now we know!

First EggsSilly us, we figured there would be at least another month to wait before any of the girls started to lay eggs. For some reason, “six months” got stuck in our heads as the waiting time for eggs. Turns out, hens can start laying as early as four months of age (though most don’t).

First EggsWhich is why we didn’t expect to find this little egg last weekend!

First EggsSo we made sure to tell everyone “good girl” and bring in some fresh cucumber as a treat. They liked the cucumber a lot. They didn’t seem to care about whether or not we think they’re good though.

First EggsSince then we’ve found one egg in the nesting boxes each day. Since we’ve not caught anyone “in the act” of laying, we aren’t sure which one it is, or if it’s more than one. There are ways to find out, I guess, through physical examination and palpation of the pelvis to examine changes in bone structure, but we’ve decided to just let them do their thing in peace.

First EggsAnd look how cute and tiny the eggs are! We’re told that as the hens get older, their eggs will become larger. Can’t wait!

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